Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Top 5 worst pick-up lines I've heard

Amie asked, so I will answer:

1- I either need to get you to relax around me or I will just have to get you really drunk.

2- Can I buy you a drink? (Then turns to the waitress) Excuse me, what is your cheapest beer?
(1 & 2 were said by the same person)

3- (Pointing to my boobs) Are those real or are you wearing a corset?
(Said by some random guy at the Bad Juju when I was ordering a drink at the bar.)

4- If I told you that you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me? (Emailed to me by one of my bosses at a company I used to work for. He was really old and gross.)

5- If you give me a kiss I will give you a raise! (Said to me at an office holiday party by the CFO of the same company I used to work for after he drank a few shots.)

And people used to wonder why I hated dating so much...


Earl said...

Wow - I'm floored that anyone would say those things (bosses? that sickens me). Last year I read a fascinating book (whether you like it or not) called The Game - Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, by Neil Strauss. I highly recommend, if only to be totally creeped out.

Michelle Auer said...

Yes, it was gross. The worst part is that after the second incident I decided to report it to HR. Yeah, that did a lot of good. I found myself sitting in an 8 hour sexual harassment training course. It totally sucked. They said that since all of those things happened before we took the course, they could not be held liable or something. I left the company not long after that. The last straw was when the co-worker that didn't so much of anything, but she did put out, got promoted almost overnight.


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