Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Good Life...

Have not been too inspired to write much of late. I've certainly had some good news and good things happen. I've been pretty busy and so on, just not inspired to write long flowery prose about it. So I will write the quick bullets and if I feel like elaborating later I will.

- Jon went to Australia for the majority of February. He had a good trip. He has returned home safe and sound.

- One of my oldest and dearest friends moved back to Seattle. This has improved the city by about 105% for me.

-Brought said friend to see Awesome (A band Jon has been doing some work with recently) He really enjoyed them, as I knew he would. If you are not familiar, you should check them out.

- Commissioned the art for my new tattoo. I'm pretty excited about it. It is going to update an old one that I have on my shoulder. I got it when I was 20 and to me it looks like I got it when I was 20.

- Sebadoh played and I saw them and damn near exploded from happiness. (If you don't know this already, and if you know me at all you probably know this, but Sebadoh is my most favorite band in the world. They are the reason I even got as interested in music as I am now. If you look at the younger bands that I love, most of them have Sebadoh influences. I pretty much started playing guitar because I heard a Lou Barlow ballad and said, "I want to write songs like this!" Still can't write songs as great as his, but at least I can play guitar now.)

- MY DADDY IS COMING TO TOWN! (His flight lands in about an hour) I am so excited! I have not seen him since my wedding, and that was a loooong time ago. (The photo on this post is he and I in the 70's)

So those are the highlights.


Marcy said...

Is uncle lynn???I just making sure is it and i know its you !!! That CUTIE that way u sleep heheh ! miss you and love u!

Shawn Anderson said...

I heart sebadoh too... how was the show? I heard the set was a little heavy on the Eric Gaffney songs. I'm a Lowenstein fan, myself.

In other news... you should check out the Silkworm documentary trailer I posted yesterday. Our mutual friend Sean Nelson is all over it (along with a bevy of other Silkworm-crazed friends of mine.)

Deb Hardman said...

Hey! This is photographic evidence of my 1st quilt! I thought it was the 2nd!


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