Friday, January 12, 2007

I'm gonna see the movies of my dreams...

We have snow again. (of course)

All week I have been looking forward to shooting the rest of my footage for the video I am making. It is all outdoor footage that I have left to shoot. With the snow on the ground it messes up the shots. It will change things for the shots I already did last weekend and make it hard to make it all look like the same day.
How I see it, I have two choices:
I can either wait another week (which is really hard for me. I HATE waiting for anything. I'm just not good at it)
OR I can re-shoot and re-edit everything I already shot outdoors. (This sucks because I am a little lazy and don't feel like doing it all over again.)
I guess I could throw in a third choice where I just don't care if it looks like it is on different days, it changes the story a bit but I'm the one who is writing the story so I could change it...
Hmmmmm... What to do? What to do?

I just hate waiting. I want to do it now while I am still inspired to do it. I like to ride waves of inspiration, if I wait too long, I lose my inspiration and it takes me forever to get back on track. (I'm pretty fickle)

Also, if you know of any good (free) Podcasting hosting sites (Think youtube for podcasters) please send the info my way. As soon as I find a host site I have quite the treat for you. Something I have been working on in my secret laboratory! (I'm trying to stay on track for 2007, can you tell?)


Anonymous said...

is it possible that the Universe is working with you, not against you? I say, go with the flow--fade the snow shots into the non-snow shots and you might have something magical?...or perhaps your vision will be broadened...meanwhile I have been spending hours a day noodling with video and I've never been happier...I'm sure it's my ultimate to find investors so I can quit my night job!

me, myself and I said...

Mixing between snow and non-snow days could make for quite a groovy surreal feel to it. Go for it.

I am exactly the same. When I decide to something I want to do it NOW. I cannot stand having to wait for stuff.


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