Sunday, January 07, 2007

I was visited by the ghost of a stupid song...

This entire weekend was all about music. On Friday I went to the studio to play a clarinet solo on my friend Gavin’s new record. I love Gavin’s music so this was a huge honor to be invited to play. My favorite comment of the evening was ‘It is getting very Brian Wilson in here!”
It has been a while since I played but we managed to get a good little solo down. It also inspired me to start playing my clarinet more. I think I might have to start incorporating it into more of my own stuff.

Then Saturday eve Jon and I were going to start recording one of my songs. My plan was to have something up before the New Year but I got really sick and could barely talk, much less sing. Friday was the first day in a while where I thought I might be able to record, so we made a plan.

We started recording a song that I wrote just for home recording. It was super simple and didn’t take too much vocal control. (I am SO out of practice!) I wanted the first one to be fun and not a challenge just to shake the cobwebs out. (I'm also not 100% after having the worlds worst cold. Singing + phlegm = ungood)
I did the guitar track and then just as we finished the vocals Jon played the song back. It sounded really good but… it was just stupid. The song was stupid. I hated the lyrics. I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote it. The lyrics were just silly and I was not about to show it to anyone until I did a major rewrite.
So after we had wasted an hour or three on that (sorry Jon) I told him to scrap it. By then I was getting tired. So we started messing around with a song idea that I had. As the night turned into morning, the song progressed into a very experimental sounding tidbit. Jon put some heavy effects on my jazz clarinet part making it sound like space talk. Jon played a teeny little keyboard for what was originally a guitar part. I played the guitar parts and I sang. Jon did some human beat box drum sound on it too. The end result sounded like we were sitting around in a cloud of smoke while writing this stuff. Twas not the case, but I am sure sleep deprivation and red wine had a lot to do with it.



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