Thursday, January 18, 2007

Best of 2006 (Finally getting around to it)

The best Rock show I saw in 2006:
Most definitely Ben Folds at The Paramount. Perfection.

The best acoustic show I saw in 2006:
Jon Auer and Harvey Danger at Cafe Largo

The best record I bought in 2006:
Regina Spektor - Begin to Hope

Best guilty pleasure song of 2006:
Justin Timberlake - Sexyback

Best sappy chick song of 2006:
Breath Me - Sia

Best Mixed CD of 2006:
Antithesis Xmas (Still need to give to several of my friends. Oops!)

The best dinner I ate in 2006:
Ceders in the U- Best Indian food ever- always and forever- foodgasm

Best breakfast in 2006:

Sourdough Mining Co in Alaska. All you can eat brunch buffet of anything
you could imagine. SCARY!

Best party of 2006:
My Birthday party!

Best surprise visit of 2006:
Mira came to visit from London!

Best trip of 2006:
The week we spent in Alaska

Best Girl's Night in 2006:
Drunken Karaoke at Shin Lin with Licia, Amie & Holly followed by a slumber

Best surprise random DVD rental of 2006:
9 Lives (I bought it right away)

Best movie I saw in the theatre in 2006:
Little Miss Sunshine

Best play I saw in 2006:
The Pillowman

Best Ballet I saw in 2006:
The PNB Nutcracker

Best trashy airplane read (purchased at the airport at the last second) of 2006:
The Devil Wears Prada

Best series finale (on DVD) of 2006:
The finale of 6 Feet Under. I could not stop crying.

Best outfit of 2006:
My new years outfit that I found at a vintage store on accident.

Best lipstick of 2006:
Mac- Viva Glam

Best time killer in 2006:
The Sims 2 (How I wish I would have never discovered this game)

Best PS2 game of 2006:
Dance Dance Revolution (I totally kick ass at this game now! It also has become a major source of cardio in my life! Guitar Hero is a close second, will probably make the 2007 list.)

Proudest mommy moment of 2006:
Parent Teacher conferences. My kid is so awesome!

To Be Continued...


Earl said...

I saw the PNB Nutcracker production many, many years ago...maybe 20? If it's anything like it used to be, it is truely amazing. I was blown away.

Shawn Anderson said...

The Six Feet Under finale was in 2005. Or did you mean "best series finale I saw on DVD time-independent of it's actual airing"?


Michelle Auer said...

Yeah, what you said! Heehee. I didn't see it until 2006, so it counted for me.

Anonymous said...

Yesss indeed, Ben Folds Rocks, great, saw them in Ghent last night!Incredible = ongelofelijk, like Jon said! Greetings Nathalie from Belgium (your blog reader since a year)

Michelle Auer said...

Oh, I'm so glad you went to see him. He puts on such a great live show! And thanks for reading. :-)

Anonymous said...

It was full house, and a amazing show, above his piano, great!
And in a very nice venue, ask to Jon, saw him there with Big Star!



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