Sunday, January 14, 2007

Baby Love! Welcome Wasabi & Walnut!

Today we got a new baby. After losing the two mice in December we had a sad and empty habitat. We were at the pet store today and totally fell in love with this little baby Dwarf Hamster. The photo is not him, but looks like him. He is just settling in, so I didn't want to give him a photo shoot just yet.
We named him Wasabi!
I'm excited to learn more about Dwarf Hamsters as I have never had one before today. Their diets are almost identical to gerbils, but they don't like to share space like Gerbils do. We were originally getting two babies but the pet store lady said they don't like sharing when they reach adulthood. Oh well.
He is so cute! He doesn't have a tail and he has the cutest little tushie when he waddles around the cage.
Hooray for cute and fuzzies!

We have a 2nd Dwarf Hamster now. After we got home last eve I did some research and it turns out the lady who swore that we should not have two was wrong. This is true with the more common breed, but the breed we have is a social breed and prefers to have a friend! So I had Jon run back to the pet store this morning and buy one of Wasabi's brothers. Now we have Walnut. He is a lighter color than Wasabi. I went home for lunch to hang out with them. They are so cute hanging out together. Like two fuzzy little peas in a pod!


Anonymous said...

I just got two baby dwarf hamsters yesterday they are so cute. I think they are fine living together as long as you keep an eye on them they can fight some time. I got so worried this mourning when I got up to find the hamsters had escaped I must have left the cage open, I found them both in my stereo speaker there are fine now and back in there cage.

Michelle Auer said...

Yes, they have been fine. We have two houses in the cage, so when they get cranky with each other, they just go to their seperate spots. They are so adorable. :-) When they get out, they don't tend to go too far. They are not super fast.


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