Sunday, November 05, 2006

I want to beat up Cancer

Growing up in a house full of boys, we solved a lot of our problems with our fists. As far as I know my brothers would never hit a girl now that they are adults, but as children, I don’t think they ever considered their sister a girl. I was an equal to them and that meant I was fair game.
My brothers are also both over 6’3” tall, so I was pretty small next to them. The only advantage of being the middle child in this situation was, by nature, I became a pretty strong negotiator.
These skills have come in handy as an adult. When faced with a crisis I can both negotiate and I can take a punch (literally and figuratively)

As far as girls go, I am a pretty tough cookie. I am a fighter through and through.

The only thing that I can’t figure out how to take on is disease. It seems that everywhere I turn right now someone is being taken down by some sort of horrible disease. I know three people who have started some form of Chemo in the last month. The youngest is only 11 years old. Cancer is such a sneaky horrible disease and when you are watching it attack someone you care about all you can do is sit there and hope and pray that it will go away. It makes one feel helpless.

Simply put, I wish I could beat up Cancer. I think it really deserves a major ass kicking.


Marcy said...

Hehe I used to be fight mith my brother Chris when I was 13 yrs old awhile my mom and dad was at work and We were fighting alot for only one year after He turned 16 yrs old We stopped fought because he always went out with his friends to hang out til graduate so my mom and dad were so happy we stopped fought heheh and I know its was sick of fought awhile young til older become Mature smile

Deb Hardman said...

AMEN! Daughter!

Lei Lei said...

I'm with you in beating up cancer. It sucks. My mom had her 1st chemo on Thursday, today it caught up with her. She's not feeling all that hot. She's hoping it was her trip to the mall yesterday with the birthday girl. But she's afraid its the new chemo. She had to take a totally diff kind this time around, and it sounds tougher than 4 yrs ago. Sounds like this one will make her feel worse. She'll not only lose her hair, but her nails too. Keep your fingers crossed and "whisper a prayer"!

Anonymous said...

there is a very valuable diet worth looking into called the Alkaline diet...I started it after having a dream about cancer and I feel better than I have in is the theory that cancer grows in an acidic environment (which most people are if eating a typical "American" diet) and by balancing your body's ph level you can reclaim your health. Google it and pass it on!

Melodie said...

Having been on both sides of cancer, having had it twice and watching people I love die from is easier to go through it then to watch someone you love go through it.


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