Thursday, October 12, 2006

My iTunes so totally has it in for me

It played Homeward Bound which always gets to me, but especially now when I am feeling all emotional and sad.
The songs following were:
Everything is Broken- Bob Dylan
and then
My Little Town S&G

I have 1874 songs on my iTunes.
Sometimes I swear this computer has it's own personality.

My iTunes has got it in for me.
I think I pissed it off when I downloaded Sexy Back.
Yeah you heard me.
I downloaded a JT song.
I will be handing in my cool creds shortly...


Deb H said...

I'm sorry honey girl. Why are you so sad? Iv'e been off line all weekend. My stupid phone line again. All that static. Sunspots knocking out the tv too. & my dishwasher down again. All my machines are ganging up on me!

Sending out Darian's BD today.
I love yous!


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