Monday, September 18, 2006

On film I play myself.

Yesterday I was playing around with my camera. I have not really used the black and white option a lot and I wanted to experiment with it some more. I've always wanted to do an "Old Hollywood" style photo, so I figured it was a great time to give it a shot.

Some of them turned out pretty good given the fact that I was setting up the shots with a timer and I had ten seconds to get where I needed to be and pray that I was actually in the frame.

I can't explain just how much I love taking photos. I can't believe I have gone so many years without a camera! (My mom is the proud owner of my dream camera, but I will eventually save my pennies and own one too!) For now I am really impressed with the quality output of our little Fuji FinePix.

I still need people who will ham it up and let me do their styling and take their photo because I am getting kind of sick of my mug! (Did I mention I am quite the make up artist as well? I can copy pretty much anything.) Maybe I will entrap one of my girls into letting me photograph them soon? Fun fun.


Deb Hardman said...

You're GORGEOUS! Why would you need a different model. I wish you could make me look so good!

I haven't even begun to tap the potential of my new camera.I wish I had time to take an actual class.

Michelle Auer said...

You should take a class! You have the coolest camera EVER!! I must say I am suffering from camera envy.

I need a different model because I would like to be able to see what I am taking a photo of while I am taking the photo. And well, I am sure my friends are getting a little sick of seeing pictures of me in my flickr account! Haha!

Marcy said...

hey girl! you should join in modeling its look very AWESOME!! you always be in modeling because u have many many many photos with jon auer look perfect with black and white look AWESOME smile :-)


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