Saturday, April 22, 2006

Today has been a day full of dilemmas and heartbreaks.

They started in the early AM which was technically today, but still the day before in our minds.
This morning I woke up too early and had to bring our very old Gala kitty to the vet. She is sick. Jon had to leave because he was playing a show in Boise so it was up to me.
I sat in the emergency vet’s office from 11:30AM until almost 6PM. It was packed and reeked of sickness. The small animals were afraid, peering with wide eyes from their little plastic cages. The large dogs were whining in protest and trying to pull off of their leashes. My kitty was curled in the bottom of her box looking so small and sad, too tired and weak to howl.
We were the second to last people to be seen. The doctor said she had an infected tooth; she needs to have surgery to have it pulled. The smell means it could be something worse, but it just might be infection.
She had to stay at the office to be put on antibiotics and IV bags. They will do biopsies on it to make sure she doesn’t have cancer. The vet explained that she seemed healthy and he thought she had a fighting chance, but I needed to understand that she has already lived way past her life expectancy. It was like hearing that one of our children might die.
It killed me a little when I saw her face as he carried her away and knew I had to leave her there for the next three days.


phoebe marie said...

aw babe. i'm sorry. hope all goes well.

Anonymous said...

That's sad....I've been thinking about Gala kitty...We just recently had 2 cats pass from cancer....I'm a HUGE animal lover too...

Deb Hardman said...

I'm so sorry sweetie. She's such a sweet old kitty.


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