Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Speaking of faking your own death....

With all of these documentaries hitting the mainstream and finding quite a bit of success, I think its time for someone to do a documentary on death. Here is the extreme twist that is just right for this Supersize Me, Bowling for Columbine, 'reality' TV kind of world.

The person making the film actually fakes his or her own death. The only people who know that it isn't real are the close friends filming it. The dead person goes into hiding for two weeks. They have their friends get everything on tape from the breaking it to the friends and family, the planning of the funeral, the actual funeral itself, a bunch of testimonials about the person in a whole 'this WAS your life' sort of way. All the while the dead person can make confession booth commentary on what is happening to be spliced in. And then when people are good and messed up over it the big reveal, "Surprise, I am still alive!"

Then they can film when everyone kicks the crap out of the "dead" person for doing it.

It is the perfect cross between the extreme documentary and reality television with lousy/mean twists.

So who is game?



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