Thursday, January 05, 2006

Broken Flowers

After being so excited to see this movie I finally rented it.


It was like watching someone's photo album on screen. I know the director was trying to create uncomfortable tension and mood with the long pauses and silence, but seriously. If you ever attempt to watch this movie, don't do it with a glass of wine at night. It will send you right to sleep. We watched it at 7PM last night and by 8PM we couldn't keep our eyes open!

I should have watched it with some Greek espresso in one hand and a red bull in the other, but then I would have been so ADD I would not be able to pay attention. There really isn't a lot going on in this one. And at the end, there isn't a resolve. If I had to describe it to someone in one sentence I would say it is a movie that was made to be an arty film utilizing all of the arty film cliches very unsuccessfully.

Do I recommend it? No. Unless you have insomnia.

I suggest they do the opposite of a traditional director's cut and put out a version with about 12-15 minutes shaved off.


Laura said...

haha, that was a great review. almost watched the movie when i visited my mom last week, but thankfully did not.


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