Monday, January 16, 2006

pop goes the pills...

I am sick of taking pills every day for one thing or another.
One is to make the sharp pain go away and help me sleep, another is to make my skin look all pretty and the other four are to force my body to work properly (in theory). It seems my Ovaries are conspiring with my Pancreas to overthrow my body.

It feels like I am always swallowing pills. Take this with milk, take that with food, take this at night, don't take these within 12 hours of each other, don't eat sugar, don't drink alchohol ever... I would love to hear what my Liver feels about all of this.

Has my warranty started to run out? I know my Gall Bladder's has, it keeps threatening to leave. The doctor says the next 4 day attack and they are taking him out. (I decided anything that causes me this much pain MUST be a "him")

All right, I am done feeling sorry for myself. I don't have it that bad, and I should just be happy that I have access to pills that keep me ticking right?



Earl said...

I prescribe a new outfit every day. :-)

I have a lot of sympathy and respect for people who have to cope with medications. My dad has chronic migranes and need the meds to function. It isn't easy.

Michelle Auer said...

The number of pills I take will be dramatically reduced after I heal from the latest surgery thank goodness, just right now it is so many! Yeesh!


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