Friday, January 20, 2006

everybody hurts sometimes (I think Yoga was involved)

Last night I tried a Yoga class. I went to the gym at lunch and did some weight training, a smidge of cardio and noticed a flyer for Power Yoga at 5PM. I thought about giving it a shot, but wasn't married to the idea until one of my co-workers agreed to try it with me.
Well, at 5PM we were on our mats on the floor ready to be yogasized, or whatever you would call it. The first thing we did was curl up on the floor in this sort of praying position. We sat like that for what seemed like an eternity. The teacher was talking to us about a lot of stuff that I could not pay attention to because when I did I would start giggling. I'm sorry, but when you start talking about "surrounding your heart with pink light" I'm going to loose it. I can't help it. Then I hear my friend suppressing laughter which only made it worse for me. At that pont I was hanging on by a thread.
So there I was curled up on the floor with all of my blood rushing to my face, trying hard not to laugh and also plotting my escape. I was too far from the door and knew there was no way out. I was there for the hour like it or not.
When he thought we had been curled up long enough he had us change positions. What got me was when he said, "Normally you would stay in this first position a lot longer, but we have time constraints we must work with today."
A lot longer? Really?!?! If I sat like that any longer I really would have passed out from all of the blood rushing to my forehead. As far as I was concerned I could not possibly have sat like that ANY longer.
For the next hour he had me pretzelling my body in ways I have not in a while. I was surprised at how limber I still am, since I have not done any stretches in a long time. No amount of flexibility was going to help me keep my balance in some of these positions though.
I was grateful that by the end of the class I had not fallen over. Once I let my competitive side take over, I was doing much better. I decided I was going to "Win" yoga. Don't ask me how; it just got me through it.

During the cool down, more suppressed giggling when he was talking about feeding the earth with the negative energy and recycling it like the trees do with us or something like that. When he brought up the pink light around my heart one more time I lost it. I buried my face in my arm and laughed as quietly as possible. He must of heard me because he said not to feel strange because this is a very emotional point in the workout. "It is OK to cry." He thought I was crying! This of course only made the giggles worse.

I am officially not an adult.

This morning, yoga got it's revenge. There are parts of me that hurt that I didn’t even know could hurt. I am in some serious pain today.

Stupid power yoga.


me, myself and I said...

Pink light huh?

I used to go to Jazzercise with my friend and we struggled every single time to stop laughing or talking when we should be paying attention. All the jumping around made me fart a lot too.

I tried to read a pilates book, but I couldn't take it seriously so god knows what I'd be like at yoga.

The fact that you ache in all new places is a good sign though. You must have exercised some bits that don't usually get used.


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