Friday, January 27, 2006

Every. Good. Boy. Deserves. Fudge.

I was rocking the Clarinet last night. I was shocked to see I'm still pretty good. I have great tone, didn't squeak once. Still have really good breath control. The best part, it was SO Much fun. I pulled out a little sheet music and I could still read it!
It is like riding a bike.
My mouth did get tired faster than it did back in the day though. After about an hour my lips were like, "You are done lady."

I am sure that made the neighbors happy.


Sloop said...

Ah, music theory. Your headline reminded me of my year and a quarter studying theory, sight singing and ear training. FACE in the space, Good Boys Do Fine Always. I've always wanted to play clarinet; the opening of "Rhapsody in Blue" gives me chills.

Earl said...

I played violin K-1st grades and trumpet in 5th...I don't think I could pick up either one and play anything. However, my twin sister (who is much more artistically gifted than I) picked up her 12 yr old's viola recently and played Minuet in G Minor perfectly! (She and I both quit the violin after 1st grade).

Michelle Auer said...

Sloop- when I play guitar I always think Every Adult Dog Gets Bad Eyes when I am tuning. :-)
I remember the FACE thing as well. Heehee.. The things that stick with us.

Fred- That is impressive that your sister could remember!

Shawn Anderson said...

I still sound really good on my saxaphone, I must admit, but that's only for about 5 minutes then my armbature just gives out. Just long enough to run through the blues scales and remembered solo phrases.

An hour is pretty remarkable - especially on the clarinet... I can't even get more then a couple minutes on mine. Anyone wanna buy mine? ;)

Michelle Auer said...

It seems every musician has a woodwind in the closet ! Haha!


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