Monday, December 26, 2005

Poor Nenu...

So Christmas went really well. It was very low key and relaxed just like I hoped it would be. Amie and Jeannine stopped by last night and hung out for a few hours. We chatted and watched some Triumph. Darian kept daring Jeannine to eat sardine flavored Jelly Beans, and she DID! Haha! I think that may be what lead to this morning’s mishap.

Turns out she went home last night feeling fine, but woke up about 3AM throwing up. She said she threw up like 11 times and starting feeling really horrible so she decided to go to the doctor.

I got the 7AM “I’m at the hospital” call which just about gave me a heart attack until I woke up enough to understand that it was flu related and she just needed some anti-nausea meds, fluids, rest and someone to drive her home.
I caught a cab over to the hospital (She had her car with her) and found a very sleepy and sad Nenu in bed all hooked up to an IV. She didn’t feel good at all.

She still had a while to go that she had to be there. I assessed the damage so we could come up with a plan of action for the day. I told her I would take her home to my place. She mentioned she got sick in the car on the way there as well, so I borrowed some gloves and wipes from the hospital and went and cleaned out the car. Then we waited for her IV to be all finished and the nurse gave me some anti-nausea pills for her and sent her home with me. The nurse said she has a really bad flu bug and needs lots of sleep and fluids and stuff, she should be fine in a couple of days. Poor kiddo. :(

The question is: What do you feed a vegetarian who is sick? I would usually do Jell-o and chicken broth, but veggies can’t eat either of those things. I got a can of Veggie broth, which doesn’t seem that appetizing to me, but maybe she will like it? I also grabbed popsicles and saltines. I wish they made a vegetarian Chicken and Stars soup (Best sick food ever!). Maybe I will try the Rainbow grocery next door; they seem to have lots of vegan type stuff there.

Hope nobody else gets it. It seems pretty icky.


me, myself and I said...

When I'm ill I always have porridge.

Earl said...

what's the American equivalent of porridge? Cream of Wheat? Malt-O-Meal? Grits? Oatmeal?


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