Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Life in pictures. (For the one who keeps running)

I am both the first and the last word.

Not new
but reinvented,
and recovered.

You'll see soon enough.

I didn't ask to be the voice of reality
in your 'Once Upon a Time' world.

If those looks were voices they would have teeth.

-and now she runs and how she runs-

No matter how you frame it
you can't save it

It is a fluid thing.

And something about pain (For the one who is looking for answers)

I want to swallow your pain,
eat it up and watch it develop into something original.
A revealing embrace.
Don't trust your eyes, they are tricksters.
See these maps on my wrists as I hold them out to you.
Hear my heart as it pushes the blood through these veins.
No pain is unique
Truth lies in perception
and to what degree you allow yourself to feel.
Will you embrace it?
Will you beat it?
Will you let it take over?
Pain is not like breathing.
It's as much of a choice as you allow it to be.



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