Friday, November 25, 2005

Yay for Pavo day!

I had a lovely turkey day figuratively and literally. I can't remember a holiday where I looked around the table and saw nothing but beautiful women. When Jon called and I told him who was there he said, "Wow! Now that is a pretty table!"

Jon's mom was at our house and had everything in the oven before Melissa and I were even out of bed. The food was super yummy, some even said it was the best turkey ever! She is the greatest! I wish she lived closer. I bet with her great cooking (mmmmmm pies) I would probably get good and round in no time at all!

The only bummer was that Jeannine's contact decided to go crazy at the last second and she was blind for the day. 'Tis OK, I decided to be lazy and not get dressed up for the day, so it worked out well.
We all ate mass amounts of food and afterwards we had Darian and both of the beautiful Ramadan girls playing Dance Dance revolution. It was quite spectacular!

Melissa and I tried to watch the Muppet's Chrsitmas after everyone went home, but I was not feeling well so after I turned it on for her, I went to take a bath. Instead I got sick. But I must say as soon as I threw up I felt a million times better! First Thanksgiving I actually ate till I puked! Crazy. It must be something about getting older. Can't hold my booze or my food anymore!

All in all it was a really good time and I am really thankful for the lovely people who came over and shared it with me. It really made having my husband away not so bad.

Speaking of him, he called and said he was doing some DJ thing for a party in Sweden. They said he could play anything he wanted, so when it was Jon's turn he said he played about 20 songs off of the two mixed CD's I gave him for our anniversary and his birthday! It was like I was in Sweden DJing with him! Awwwwww...
Apparently I have good taste in music as well because he said a lot of people were asking him about songs they really loved but had never heard like Rosie Thomas- Wedding Day (Which she dedicated to Jon and I a few days after our wedding at her Showbox show!)

Oh- this morning, I ate pie for breakfast!


me, myself and I said...

I'm being nosey I know, but what/who is Pavo?

Michelle Auer said...

pavo is spanish for turkey. :-)


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