Monday, November 21, 2005

I should be in bed…

I should be a lot of things.

Friday was cool. We went to see The Divorce and Harvey Danger. They both played well, but the soundman wasn’t doing anyone any favors. The mic kept cutting out completely or getting louder through both bands. That was really annoying. I spoke to one of the guys from The Divorce this morning (also happens to be my friendly neighborhood barista) and he said they were cutting out in his monitors as well. It was obviously armature hour as far as the sound was concerned. The show was in a tent and they only served beer. (Yuck!) The major upside; I got to see two great bands and I was happy to hear how well the new members of HD have meshed with the band. (and it was free!)

Saturday was a blur. I really didn’t do much of anything. Darian and I watched The Skeleton Key. Not too bad, not too great, just right for a cold Saturday night.

My neighbors alarm was going off really loud this morning. Nothing like waking up ass early on a Sunday, being forced to beat on the wall after your phone call doesn’t work, only to have the alarm turned off, and then calm down get just on the edge of sleep, and have the alarm start going off again.
All I am saying is if an alarm is going to go off that loud and that long there best be a person in need of an ambulance! I am thinking of having their bedroom soundproofed for them for Christmas. It made for a VERY cranky Michelle this morning. Jon called and I about bit his head off. I explained what had happened and called him back after I was caffeinated. A visit from Jeannine and life was all good again.
After I got over my initial crankiness, Jeannine and I decided to take a trip to the pet store. I have this vision of a gerbil complex I have wanted to build. The other day I bought the biggest aquarium, the trick was how was I going to connect this huge 3 foot x 1 ½ foot aquarium to the 4 story complex they are already in? The answer was simple, after trips to two different pet stores and a trip to the office supply store for foam core and a blade.
I am thrilled to say I have crafted the greatest Gerbil palace of all time. I will take a photo of it and post it at some point. Those two little critters now live in a complex that is about 4 feet long and has 4 stories and is connected by some very complex tubes that even have a loop-de-loop. Yeah, they are styling! It took them a while to venture over to the larger area, but after they investigated the tubes a few hundred times they finally went through them and are now having a great time running between the two places.
All I could think since I got them was, “If I only lived 3-4 years, would I REALLY want to be confined to a teeny tiny cage with nothing but a wheel to entertain me?”
The answer is NO! So I have built them a Gerbil Palace where they can live out their golden years.

This is why I should not own pets. They make me feel guilty and that guilt leads to palaces for rodents; cute fuzzy, gerbally rodents, but rodents nonetheless…


Shawn Anderson said...

Glad to hear the show went well... my friend Rob (keyboards) recently joined HD so I was hoping to catch him sometime. Just so hard with an 8-month old to make these shows these days.

Here's a bit of mindless (pointless) trivia... Harvey Danger's first show was opening for my band (House on Stilts) back in the day (Ditto Tavern, '93.) Of course it was only our second show, so it's not like there was anyone really headlining (and Sean wasn't in the band yet - Jeff sang some, but otherwise they were mostly instrumental.)

It was basically a triple-header of bands featuring Communications Majors from UW.

See... mindless (pointless ;)

Michelle Auer said...

I had no idea the existed before Sean! hat is interesting. the first time I saw them was at The Croc playing with someone, and my roomie bought the CD (It is before it was picked up and re-released) he listened to them all of the time so I eventually caught on because that record became the background music to that year.


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