Monday, October 31, 2005

Things that make me happy

pretty eyes that smile
thrift store treasures
freshly dyed hair
foot rubs/ back rubs from my honey
those little match boxes with wooden match sticks in them
music with great hooks
singers with soul
fun time with my daughter
manis and pedis
warm fuzzy kitties
good friends who sleep like dead people and don't steal the blankets
flirting with pretty boys to pass the time
scents that remind me of people
the day he comes home
Brach's cinnamon bears
pears, cheese and good red wine
songs that understand
movies that make me cry
music boxes that play haunting melodies
being on the list
free CD's in the mail
overnight trips to random places
trick or treating with my girl
perfect text messages
feeling like I made a difference
unraveling a mystery
keeping a secret
feeling loved



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