Sunday, October 30, 2005

Let me be someone else for just one night and we will go to many parties...

Last night it was the Jell-O shots that did me in. Jell-O shots? What am I 18? But they were yummy so I don’t care.

I got to see one of my favorite bits of local eye candy, so that was cool. Britney and I chatted up a dirty ninja who's wet suit left little to the imagination. I was refered to as "Number One" all night. I think I looked more like a trekki with huge hair. Photos to follow.

I shot a girl in the butt with a sticky dart and turned L Ron Hubbard into my own personal dart board. I hit Tom Cruise a few times. I drank PBR (Again what am I 18?!?!)

Creepy Russian guy tried to feel me up. He was about to get slapped when Ben Lashes called him over and I managed to escape without physically hurting anyone. Thanks for the interference.

I got told about 3 times I "Looked great for my age" WTF??? Don't ask me how old I am if you are going to follow it with that sort of comment. I know you think it is sweet but I think it makes me sound old which I am not.

My head aches this morning (or afternoon) whatever you want to call it. I need at least three days to recover, someone call my office and let them know.

I can't wait to see L Ron Hubbard's pictures!



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