Friday, October 28, 2005

in all of my randomness....

So it has been confirmed to me that there is a third leg of the Posies tour in Europe. The person who told me said "Don't kill the messenger" but in a way I am mad at him. Totally irrational, but true. It's not personal and I will get over it. Probably because I don't know him at all so it is easier to be mad at him than be mad at them. I am thinking of unsubscribing to all things Posie related so I don't have to hear about any of it anymore. Maybe if I ignore it, it will go away faster. It doesn't help that I have barely spoke to Jon since he left because of the time zone difference. We made a date to have a long chat on Saturday.

I am listening to music that I am very proud of right now. It took me a very long time before I could hear The Fraggle's voice but now it doesn't phase me.

Oh and they are working on our bathrooms here at work today so I have to walk down to the second floor if I need to use the potty. That only sucks because we already have limited amount of toilets for the amount of people in the office, when you cut that in half you get lines. I get shy and can't go if there is someone waiting outside the door. I know, stupid, but true. If I even imagine someone can hear me tinkle in the toilet I just can't do it. This means I must not only walk down to the second floor but I must actually walk down the street to the coffee shop to pee.

I wish the bakery by my house would hire me and pay me what I make here. That would be so cool.

I am going to go shopping at Value Village downstairs today for my lunch break. I am looking for a couple of things for Darian. She has made some requests and today is payday after all.

This is totally movie theatre weather.

I am going to Las Vegas as soon as I find a cheap ticket. I am going to visit my good friend Melissa and I am bringing Darian with me. If you see any tix for the weekend for around $100 let me know!

Laundry will be done this weekend. I am not sure how, or when, but it will be done.



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