Sunday, October 23, 2005

Another long wonderful weekend:

Posies played Neumos. Their first club show since the new record came out. Not only were they featured in an amazing 3 page article in the weekly, the show was packed! I was pretty out of it at first because I made the mistake of taking a nap on the couch before we left, so when we first got to the show I had the weird dreamy feeling were you feel like you are walking in slow motion while everyone is on fast speed. I was in dire need of a coffee, but didn’t get one before we left.
As I floated through the place I saw so many people that I was really happy to see but suddenly felt very overwhelmed. I grabbed a diet soda for the extra jolt and went to the green room to wake the rest of the way up before trying to be social again. It totally worked, I was ready to go.
I LOVED the show! The guys played like rock stars, made a lot of inappropriate jokes from the stage, drank Jager-bombs, and played a long set with two encores. The crowd danced and sang along. My favorite part is when Jon got on the drums and just he and Ken covered one of my favorite songs off of Failure. I have never seen him do that before. He can play drums and sing like he does it every day too! My multi-talented hubby still surprises me!
Got home late, got up too early the next day for work. If I had time off I would have taken it but I used up the rest of my time off for the NY trip, don’t get more until mid-November! Wha!

We rented a car for the Bellingham trip. It wasn’t the same car as we rented the last time, it is some sort of Honda. I am not sure I still like that one as much as the last one, too loud on the freeway and one of the rear speakers was blown. Next time I am going to make sure we take it for some sort of test run before we rent.
The drive was nice, Jeanine came along with us since she has never been to Bellingham. We all chatted on the drive up and listened to the mixed CDs that Chris mailed me the other day. We also listened to the new Broadcast Debut CD that Jon worked on. I have a good feeling about those guys, the record is really very cool!
The in-laws were there when we got to the club. They went outside with Jon to chat. I stayed inside because Jon had just purchased drinks for Jeannine and I and well I was not dressed very weather appropriate.
When they came back in we did get the opportunity to catch up and I met Ken’s mom when she came to say hello to Jon’s parents. In fact I have met the parents of all of The Posies on this tour.
The show was a lot of fun. We scouted out our spots at the front of the stage in front of Jon. I had one girl fighting me for position while she took about 18000 pictures of Jon trying to get the “perfect shot”. It makes me laugh when I am at shows and no one knows that I am Jon’s wife. I am standing at the front of the stage, and people who are trying to get “noticed” push their way past me, sometimes say rude and obnoxious things, and are just all around catty thinking I am some kind of groupie competeling with them for position./ Then, sometime near the end of the show he usually does something or says something that tips everyone off that we are married, then all of a sudden their whole attitude changes. Suddenly they are all smiles and sometimes even apologize for the rudeness and say, “Oh I didn’t know!” as if that made it OK.
One girl in the bathroom cornered me and asked, “So you are Jon’s wife then?” (This was right after he pointed me out, or um, my cleavage out, from the stage) I said, “Yes.”
Then she said, “Well then if they are married why don’t they wear wedding rings? I looked earlier and I didn’t see any!”
In other words, what she didn’t realize she was saying because she obviously had a few was, “I was checking out the hands of the singers to see which one was up for grabs.”
“OF COURSE they are wearing rings!” I answered, “I know for a fact that my husband never takes his off, you must not have been looking hard enough! And as for Ken, his it tattooed on his finger so it is impossible that he is not wearing his!”
She then mumbled something about not needing another drink and left the bathroom.
At one point during the show Jon announced that Jeannine’s birthday was that weekend and was going to say happy birthday to her. I told him she was in the loo. So then he had the whole audience say “Happy Birthday Jeannine.” And then he had the whole audience say “Get out of the bathroom Jeannine” and then when they were in the middle of saying “How’s it going in there?” she walked out and had no idea what was going on! Then they all said happy birthday again, I caught her up on what she missed and she blushed and laughed.
Near the end of the show the guys started pulling people up on stage. Jeannine got up and I was drug up along with the pack. I hate dancing on stage especially to “You’re the Beautiful one” since it REALLY is not a dance song! So I did my cursory 2 minutes and snuck off as soon as possible, but Jeannine stayed up and totally got her boogie on. It was quite spectacular.
After the show was over we found a huge bunch of helium balloons left from a party they had there earlier. I asked if we could have them, the boss said yes and Jeannine, Dom, Matt and myself proceeded to suck the helium out of all of them. Even Ken and Jon came over to join in. Too much fun!
The drive home was long and I had a lot of trouble keeping my eyes open. Jon put in some comedy CD about hippies and tiny two inch people. I am not sure what it was but it was funny. No matter how I tried, I could not stay awake.

We woke up early which was difficult because of our late night, but necessary because we had a birthday party to throw for our beautiful little girl that afternoon! After a jumbo coffee we got the house all set up. We did Karaoke and Dance Dance Revolution. We ate chocolate cake and ice cream. Darian loved her gifts and her party. It was a really nice family day, and Jon and I both enjoyed having the house full of giggly voices and happy little kids. It is one of the best things ever! I accidentally fall asleep around 9PM though which was a bummer because I meant to go to Jeannine’s birthday celebration for a few minutes at least and give her her gift, but sleep overcame me and the next thing I knew it was 3AM and way past last call. I hope she forgives me.

We ran around and did some shopping. Jon was trying to get everything he needed before he leaves tomorrow. Darian got a new watch that she was very happy about. I almost had Jon buy me a beautiful Michael Kors purse that was on sale, but both Jon and Darian vetoed it. They didn’t think it was as cute as I thought it was. Oh well. He did buy me my favorite unbearably hot cinnamon gummy bears! Yum!
We have been trying to ignore the fact that he is leaving for Europe again tomorrow. It is hard to, but what else can we do? He is off getting some last minute things done right now while I am writing this. I am so over this tour. If I didn’t have all of the responsibilities as I do here and if Darian didn’t have school I would totally take her and join him, but it isn’t going to happen. Weekending in the US is a lot easier. There is some talk of Japan this summer though and we will for sure take Darian on that trip with us, but that doesn’t chance the fact that he is leaving tomorrow and will be gone again until the middle of December.
He did bring me some beautiful calla lilies a few minutes ago and put them in this really cool red blown glass vase he bought for us the other day. Always the sweetheart! I am so happy that I married the love of my life!



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