Thursday, October 20, 2005

I hear McDonald's is hiring jerk!

When I was 19 and became a single mom, all the odds were against me, but I worked really hard, put myself through school. Took one crappy job after another until I had enough experience to get better jobs and now my life is really great. It was not easy, but I set goals and made things happen.
Darian and I were walking home from the store after making a few purchases for things she needed for school in the morning. We are having a great conversation and she is in the middle of trying to explain something to me when I hear someone shouting at us. I am trying to ignore them and then I hear it more clearly as it was approaching fast.
It was someone shouting, "Excuse me, excuse me, exc-u-u-u-se me Ma'am!" TOTALLY interrupting my daughter and what she was telling me.
I finally just shouted over my shoulder, "I don't have any money!"
And suddenly the desperate/sad tone in their voice vanished and the pounding sound of running feet stopped and they said, "Oh, OK."
This person was going to chase my child and I down the street late at night in hopes to what? Get money from me? When they are healthy enough and capable enough to shout at me and chase me down the street, I think they can be healthy enough and capable enough to get a freaking job.
I am a very empathetic person. I have a huge heart and will usually go out of my way to help people in need, but this is where I draw the line. I've worked in a grill and flipped burgers to get by in my time. If I can do it, so can they!


Sloop said...

Damn right. I completely agree with you.


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