Sunday, July 10, 2005

The party was perfect!

We had loads of yummy food stuff and we had many wonderful friends show up. It was supposed to rain, but the day stayed absolutely sunny and beautiful so we got to partake in the fire outside on the patio later which was perfect. Licia has such a great house! She has done so much work on it and it gets even more beautiful every time we go over there.

Photos were taken so I will post them when I get them back.

I felt like there were times when I talked so much I was going to loose my voice, but that is just because I have not been out socializing in a while. There were a few people that I don’t feel like I got to chat with as much as I would have liked to but luckily I will be seeing them tonight at the Canterbury for the going away party. So chatting will happen.

The surprise of the night: Jon gave me a big old box to open in front of everyone. It was super light so I thought it might be lingerie or something. I opened it and it had rose petals and a heart shaped candy box in it. I squeal, “I got chocolate” he says "Open it", so I open the heart box and it contains a little pouch sitting on pretty paper. I open the little pouch and it has a beautiful tennis bracelet that matches my engagement ring and the anniversary band he gave me at Christmas! It is a beautiful white gold band with diamonds and Tanzanite stones in it. (My rings also have diamond and Tanzanite.) We love Tanzanite; it is a precious stone that is actually getting to the point where jewelers will tell you that it will probably be mined out completely in our lifetime. It just doesn’t get the press that diamonds get so they are not as expensive but they are technically more precious.

I was so delighted! What a sweet sweet man!

Here is a photo of it:

Here is the ring I got for Christmas that it goes with:



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