Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It is one of those:


If you could do anything:

1- Superhero power: It is a toss up between being invisible and being freakishly strong.

2- #1 Place you would visit: Paris (That will be soon though)

3- Celebrity you would date: This is a 3 way tie between Bob Dylan, Colin Farrell & Angelina Jolie

4- Place you would live: A HUGE apartment in NYC

5- Car you would drive: Don't care as long as it is comfy and it runs and gets good gas mileage and is safe

6- Band you would join: SO MANY... CAN'T CHOOSE... pass...

7- Movie you could live in: The Godfather

8- TV Show you could live in: The Sopranos or maybe Entourage?

9- If you could kiss any animated character: Kermit (I know he is a Muppet, but still)

10- Random Fantasy: *sorry- edited for adult content* ;-P



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