Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Someone in my house is pregnant....

and her name is Kodo the gerbil.
Last night we caught our gerbils doing "it" There is no doubt about it. It got so graphic I thought I should put on some Barry White and light a few candles for them.
Anyhow, I am sure Kodo is knocked up now, so we will be having some gerbil babies around the end of June. I am thinking by mid July they will be ready to be placed in homes.
I will give them away for free to good homes, so put in your orders now!
I think the pet store said that they would take babies as well.

Now to find a small animal doc that will fix my little boy gerbil so he won't make any more babies! I wonder what that will cost?


Hugh said...

Hello fellow Blogger! I found you via Technorati and "gerbils". PetCo takes in animals and has them examined by a vet. :)

I have just one "gerb" here, her name is Eire, and she's all white.

Michelle Auer said...

"PetCo takes in animals and has them examined by a vet."

Yes, Petco is where we got them. They told us they only sold Boys. When one of them died, we got a replacement. Another "boy" turns out we now have a mating pair! Egads!
it is no big deal though as I am willling and happpy to pay to get the little guy fixed as long as it isn't something that will hurt him.
Otherwise, I will keeep one boy and one girl from the litter and jusst have 2 cages.

One of my gerbils is all tan and the other is white with grey spots. they are both SO cute and super people friendly! (I think that is because we hold them all of the time) I am crazy about the little gerbil guys!

me, myself and I said...

They didn't waste any time did they?!!
Loose gerbils.


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