Friday, May 27, 2005

Hitchcock would be proud...

I just had a bird land on my head and crawl over to my shoulder.

I am not kidding.
It was in front of the Value Village downstairs from the office. I was coming back from the gym and all of a sudden I feel something grabbing my hair and the back of my head. I thought for a second someone had grabbed me, but quickly I saw that it was a very pretty green and red bird as it squawked in my ear and climbed on to my shoulder.

I hear a woman screaming at him behind me "Get over here, Turkey, get over here!" (No kidding, the bird's name was TURKEY!)

It was some kind of medium sized green and red parrot. It stayed on me for a second or two and then flew back to the lady.
I just kept walking and came back to the office.

How bizarre.



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