Friday, April 29, 2005

My week in a nutshell. (How did she fit a whole week in a nutshell?)

Set up a rock show to benefit Darian's class. Mark your calanders for the early show at The Sunset on May 20th people! 7-9:30 you will see:
Jon Auer
Mattt Southworth
Robb Benson
Brett Phillips
and Roy (Darian's teacher!)
We may even get Sangster out there and end the show with a acoustic early Dear John Letters set!
So come one come all, support my kid's class damn it because I don't want to do another freaking bake sale!

Went to see The Graduate with Amie. It was OK, but happy that we didn't pay for it, that would have seriously colored my opinion of it. The positives: We got to see Morgan Fairchild naked. She walked right out on stage completely nude, arms spread and said, "I am available to you" She looked pretty good too.
The actor who played Mr Robinson had some pretty cool moments as well.
The downside: I didn't like the guy they used as the Dustin Hoffman character, he had a bit of a Doogie Howser quality, and not adult stage star Neil Patrick Harris way, but in the pixie just learning to act doctor sort of way. I didn't think the cast had a whole lot of chemistry either. I may have not been impressed if it weren't for the company and the really cool set design. It is the set designers for this play that deserved the ovation at the end, oh and Ms Fairchild's really teeny waist for being older than my mom!

Bought my mom the perfect Mothers Day gift that i will mail out tonight. It is Life According to Mister Rogers. I wrote a really sweet note in the cover as well. I swear, it is great! He is the Dahli Lama of PBS! She will cry.
Went to dinner with my kid. She informed me that she is interested in studying Budhism. We are set to take a trip to the library this weekend so she can get some books on it. Don't know where it came from, but I will go with it for now.
Wasted a few hours of my life on "Meet The Fockers". What a big piece of poo.

Well Friday is just starting, and hopefully it will end with me getting some sleep. I have been staying up late watching reruns of Charmed all week. I don't know why, it just happens. Going to get my hair dyed tomorrow hopefully if my stylist is working! I have roots and my hair is getting too long again. I am starting to feel a bit like a Neapolitan cousin "It"



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