Friday, July 03, 2015

Beat the heat with Healthy Snow Cones! (Dye Free, Syrup free!)

One of my all time favorite things on a hot Summer day is a giant rainbow snow cone.  

Every time we pass the isle in the store with the machine, those cute little cups and the shelves of rainbow syrups, Sylvia begs me to buy them.  I love the idea of making them ourselves, but hate the idea of the amount of sugar the kids would be eating.
Today I got inspired in the store when I saw those cute little cone cups on sale.  I picked up 3 different healthy juices in bright colors and rushed home.
Ice to snow in a few seconds in my awesome Ninja!!  
(I'm sure you can use any kind of blender.) 

Pack it nicely in the cute snow cone cup. (I used a rounded measuring cup)

I used a straw to insert the color juices

The kids inhaled them!  They had no idea they were healthy!




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