Thursday, May 07, 2015

Nananananananananana BAT Tri-i-i-i-ike!

Last week, on our way home from dinner, we picked up a Kettler Kettrike Alana Tricycle with Pushbar in a free pile on the corner. I was excited because I had been thinking about buying one. Since they usually run around $100, you can imagine how stoked we were to see one sitting right there for free, the only bummer was it was all pink and white and princess colors.  I'm sure the boy would not really care what color it was, but I decided right then I was going to pimp his ride.  My inspiration? The Batmobile!

I forgot to take the before picture, but this is what it looked like only way dirtier and scratched up and minus the bucket in the back.  But the body was still solid!:

First I painted the body black and the guard below the handle bar yellow:

Then I ordered some yellow bike grips for only $7 and a few Batman car decals.

Viola! BatTrike!



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