Friday, February 27, 2015

Healthy Chocolate Doughnuts made with Garbanzo Beans and Avocado! (White sugar free and gluten free)

After I made those healthy chocolate cupcakes last week, I decided to test them out as mini doughnuts!  I thought the texture could lend well to a cake doughnut.  The first thing I did was order a perfect pan for my cupcakes. I love THIS PAN so much, I ordered a 2nd one today!

My recipe made enough for 3 dozen of these mini doughnuts.
Aren't they so cute!?

I followed my recipe.  The only variation was that I added a little bit more rice flour just to make the batter a little thicker.  Then I piped it into the pan with a piping bag.  Cooked for 15 minutes at 375 and out popped perfect doughnuts!
When they were done, I dipped them in a few chocolate wafers melted with a bit of coconut oil.  I had some sprinkles in the cupboard, so I added them for flare. The baby ate 5 of them before I even put chocolate on them.  They are yummy without frosting, but once I added the flare, the 8 year old and Papa both ate some too.  They got thumbs up all around! 

I'm thinking some version of these are going to the next preschool snack day!



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