Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

We had a nautical themed birthday for Sean and his birthday twin Joia.  (They were born 5 hours apart in the same hospital with the same doctor.)

I was excited about the frosting, because I finally got a chance to try out the ombre effect I had been seeing on my favorite cake blogs!

The mermaid is a Monster High doll and the seaweed is made from sugar glass.  I made the shells out of white chocolate.  The pops are marshmallows covered in white chocolate, dipped in graham cracker crumbs, with a goldfish crackers as a decoration.

(Photos by Cindy Apple) 
I found this on Amazon, used some puffy stickers to decorate! 
I was excited to try out this frosting technique for the first time!
The inside of the cake was reverse ombre in sea green.

Marshmallow pops! I dipped them in white chocolate and graham cracker crumbs
and stuck a fish to them.
Found these on Amazon. Perfect! 

Sean's Cake
Joia's Cake!

Gift bags! 

The gift bags contained a sailor hat, Pirate rubber ducky, some stickers and Scooby snacks.



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