Saturday, May 31, 2014

Toddler painting (Non toxic and edible)

If you toddler is anything like mine, they want to taste everything even if it isn't edible.  I see all of these great activities for kids his age like sensory studios with rice and dry beans and finger painting and think, "No way, he will put it right into his mouth!"

This is the solution I came up with for the finger painting.  (The sensory station we will go over in another post!)

I made "finger paint" for the boy using plain yogurt and food color. I gave him a basting brush to use as a paint brush if he wanted.  You can use regular finger painting paper as it is a little more water proof, or do what I did and tack down some poster board.  I found the poster board was nice because I could wipe it up, let it dry and use it several times before it became paper for the fireplace. 

1: The simple ingredients. A few drops of food coloring, some plain yogurt, and containers.

2: Add a drop or two.  (I kept the colors pastel, so he didn't dye his skin) 

3: The FIRST thing the boy did was taste test!! (Told you so!!) And then he had a ton of fun!  

A perfect rainy day activity for you tot! 



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