Saturday, July 09, 2011

Mailman thinks me dumb

Please check out this new Elliott Smith song that I've been listening to all morning long on repeat.

It reminds me of why we create art, music, children... it leaves echos of us behind after we are long gone from this place.

In that instance when you hear an unreleased Elliott Smith song, are standing in front of a Picasso, watching a movie starring River Phoenix, or see your daughter smile in a way that looks exactly like your grandma whose smiles you miss so much, those are the moments where we are immortal.

This is what drives us to create.

This is why we are artists.

It is not the only reason, and probably not a reason we would typically, openly consider. It is that quiet push that makes you pick up the guitar suddenly and strum a series of chords, and not stop until you have an entire song completed. It is what makes you fill a blank canvas, spilling all of your emotions of that very moment all over it in a series of colors and shapes.

We are recording pieces of us in a moment. Capturing who we are right now because we will never be that person again.



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