Sunday, February 21, 2010

Naked Lemon Cake Experiment

I was experimenting with my Wilton Fanci-Fill Cake Pan today. My daughter isn't really a fan of cake because she doesn't like frosting. She thinks it is too sweet. I thought I tried to make a cake sans frosting, but still full of pizazz. I made a basic lemon cake in the Fanci-Fill pan. I filled it with Lemon pie filling and home made whipped cream. I sprinkled confectioners sugar on top and, viola. It's basically a giant, super delicious lemon Twinkie!
It is light and yummy with a surprise in the middle! I would add fresh raspberries to the top if I made this again, just to make it more presentable. I think they would taste great with this.
I was going to today, but the store was running low and the raspberries that were left looked a tad mushy. I might do this one again when they are in season!


Deb Hardman said...

Even though I'm not fond of lemon flavored cake, this looks very yummy! I remember your aunt Peggy making an angelfood cake that looked like this with fluffy stuff & strawberries in the middle. It was wonderful. It may have even been for your baby shower (when I was PG with you)!


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