Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Maybe it is the nippy Fall weather, or the early Christmas decorations in the stores, but I'm really feeling the holiday spirit this year.
I decided to get started early and make my first batch of Christmas cookies. I made tiny trees with my brand new Wilton Cookie Press. (You know it was just an excuse to use it.)

I asked Darian to get started on her Santa List, and it reminded me of how much fun I used to have putting my Santa List together every year, when I was a kid.

I thought it would be fun to make one on here. Not because I'm expecting gifts from all of my blog readers, but just for the fun of putting a list together. (See what I've done here? I've managed to find a way to make a year end list without it being a year end list.)

1- KitchenAid. In Pink or Red, I still can't decide. I really have no idea how I've gone as long as I have without one. I bake all of the time and I burn through hand mixers like crazy.

2- Canon 50mm f/1.8 - for my camera, so I can get better low light shots at rock shows, and finally be able to take decent shots at The Triple Door. It is visually the most amazing club, but you can't use a flash there which makes my fancy camera uttery useless there.

3- A bunch of Wilton stuff. I want so much cake decorating stuff from the Wilton line, I could make a sub list just for that. Here are just a few of the pans I want.
  1. 3D Rubber Ducky cake pan.
  2. Avanti® Everglide® Metal-Safe Non-Stick Springform Pan with Glass Bottom
  3. Guitar pan!!!
4- Michael's Arts and Crafts is the same as Wilton's for me. I could lose an entire day there, just looking at things and getting inspired. I would love a few thousand dollars and a week to spend there.

5- Brief Encounter DVD- I already own it, but I made the mistake of buying the DVD that only works in Europe. I want the Criterion Collection DVD.

That is really all I can come up with right now. There are other things I want/need, but those fall more under the realm of necessity, like a new mattress set, a new chair, a new Neumann Microphone (Wait, how did that get in there?) So, it's not a long list, but I'm not a girl who wants for much in this life.


Carolyn said...

I also want a fast 50mm lens for my Canon DSLR. Alas, I am broke at the moment. But I just discovered the wonderful world of vintage lenses. Look up M42 mount can get an adapter for $10 that will allow all of these amazing old lenses to work. I would suggest getting a Super Takumar 50mm 1.4 (around $75 on eBay). Manual focus, but stunning, stunning performance. Merry Xmas.
Carolyn W.


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