Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I want to bathe in buttercream frosting

I have loads of stuff to post about!
A lot of cool stuff has been happening!
For example:
I have not posted about Jon's 40th birthday parties or Darian's 15th birthday:Or the amazing rock shows I've been to (including John Wesley Harding at The Triple Door, Spiral Stairs and Bob Mould at Neumos, The Disciplines (Ken Stringfellow's new band) at The Comet and Pink! at the Key Arena)
The new Spiral Stairs record that just came out (And that I have a vocal credit on! Check out Blood Money)

I could talk about how much I love my new job. How creative I have been recently. It is amazing how recharged I feel now that I am working normal hours again and have my free time back.

I will sit down soon and write all about all of these things, or at least post some photos, but for now I will post a photo of the cake I just made!

It's chocolate cake with cherry preserves in the center and covered in a cloud of the most amazing whipped buttercream frosting I've ever made. (Basically three sticks of sweet cream butter & Heavy cream whipped into a cloud of amazing.)

Prepare to drool...



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