Sunday, August 09, 2009

She did it first...

I borrowed this from Snotty.


If you’ve ever seen Inside the Actor’s Studio with James Lipton, you know he asks a series of personality questions toward the end of the show. This list of questions, based on the Proust questionnaire.

Proust Questionnaire

Your favorite virtue: kindness

Your favorite qualities in a man: Equal parts of sensitivity and passion

Your favorite qualities in a woman: loyalty and empathy

What you appreciate most about your friends: My true friends are the most loyal bunch you will ever meet, through thick and thin, no matter what. I'm closer to them that I am to most relatives.

Your main fault: I believe in people too soon.

Your favorite occupation: Homemaker or Rock Star

Your idea of happiness: Being surrounded by children and animals.

Your idea of misery: Being stuck in a room with a negative person for a long period of time.

If not yourself, who would you be: Holly GoLightly or Wonder Woman

Where would you like to live: New York and Paris

Your favorite color and flower: Any color. I think flowers are like perfect little works of art.

Your favorite prose authors: Huxley when I was a kid, but now, I don't really have one particular favorite.

Your favorite poets: I'm pretty fond of Dorothy Parker

Your favorite heroes in fiction: Wolverine and Dracula

Your favorite heroines in fiction: Cat Woman

Your favorite painters and composers: Dali, Picasso, etc... No one favorite.

Your heroes in real life: My dad has swept in and been my hero on many an occasion.

What characters in history do you most dislike: King Henry VIII. The more I read about him the less I like him. He was a greedy little pinch faced jerk. He was beheading women for nothing and blaming them when he didn't get a son. Up until the election little Georgie Bush ranked way up at the top of this list, but now I just try to pretend he never happened.

Your favorite heroines in World History: Audrey Hepburn, Queen Elizabeth (Daughter of Ann Boleyn), Queen Katherine (Henry's first wife who refused to back down and stuck to her principles until the day she died.)

Your favorite food and drink: Any form of cake and coffee with cream

Your favorite names: Darian, Devon and Dylan

What I hate the most: Stupid people who think they are smart enough to get away with stuff.

World history characters I hate the most: Hitler. Obvious.

The natural talent I’d like to be gifted with: I'd like to be a better singer. I can sing, just not as good as I'd like to.

How I wish to die: Very old and with my wits, surrounded by my children and my grandchildren.

What is your present state of mind: I'm in transition right now and am pretty focused on making things that need to happen, happen.

For what fault have you the most toleration: Funny, this comes up and all I can think about are the things that drive me crazy.

It would probably be a certain degree of laziness. I can't say I go to the gym or eat exactly how I should 100% of the time, so how can I judge others?

Your favorite motto: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Melissa Anne said...

Hopefully our little Devyn, or Dylan will show his/her self next week! ***cross fingers**

Snotty McSnotterson said...

That's a pretty great meme! I love your answers!


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