Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time after time...

My boss is getting ready to head to Alaska for his 20 year reunion and it has started me thinking a lot about my own, which is only two short years away.
Thanks to the invention of things like Facebook and Myspace and their apparent popularity, I've already found myself in the middle of a reunion of sorts. Every day the "People you may know" function pops up another vaguely familiar face on my screen.
It is interesting what time has done to so many of my classmates. They seem to all fit into a few categories.

  • The ones who have not changed at all. Seriously! Either, the last time they got a photo taken was 15 years ago, or they found the secret to eternal youth! Good for them!
  • Those that have changed so much that they could come up to me and say hello and I would not have a clue as to who they are, but they have the same name as a former classmate.
  • There are those who somehow time warped far into the future and have the face of their parents. If you were to look at them, you would imagine we were approaching our 40th reunion! (That is what hard living and being unhealthy will do to you!)
  • And then there are those who really blossomed after high school and will probably not bother to go to a reunion because they are having too much fun in their life now.
I didn't spend much time doing things with High School kids when I was in high school, so I don't have a lot of "Good old days" memories from that time. All of my friends and high school boyfriend lived in the city and had their own lives and apartments.
I have a few old friends that I stay in touch with and a few friendly faces that I'm really happy to see again, but for the most part, that whole time is so far in the past and such a distant memory for me, I sometimes wonder if going to something like a reunion would even be interesting.
I think I've come to a decision that if I do go, it will be for the purpose of a documentary. I would love to use that opportunity to get loads of footage. I think a school called Chugiak High School in the middle of nowhere Alaska will probably have at least a few entertaining soundbites to offer.

*The photo is what came up when I did a search for reunion. I thought it was kind of perfect.


Snotty McSnotterson said...

I would totally watch that documentary. In my school, we have another category that combines your Hasn't Changed Since High School & Looks Just Like Their Parents plus the extra added bonus of Never Escaped Our Hometown. There's an alarming amount of high school friends who married someone in my town & stayed there, and they will be there forever. Usually they live next to their parents or something. I love my parents but NO THANKS.

Suzy said...

I didn't go to my school reunion. I came to the conclusion that if I'd wanted to stay in touch with people from school, I would have. The thought of standing in a room full of strangers, trying for the life of me to remember who the hell they are was too much to bear.
Most of my friends were from other towns and other schools.
It would make a great documentary though.


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