Tuesday, September 30, 2008

As of about 5 minutes ago...

the sweet little feral kitten is now letting me pet him and give him scratches behind his ears. He was purring and rolling around for most of the last half hour.
This is a major success because now he is a huge leap forward to getting into his new home. That is all I could have dreamed for him. It is really hard to not want to take him myself after all of the work, I've become quite attached to the little kitty, but I know he will be happy in one of the possible new homes. He has really stolen the hearts of the whole neighborhood.
I can't explain how exciting it has been watching this process unfold. It is strange to think that this is the same kitty who I first saw a month ago crouching and hissing under the dumpster. He ran from everything and everyone. The neighbors and I were putting out food for him. The upstairs neighbor broke the ice by getting him to get closer to the doors, then I moved the food that I was giving him closer to my door. I spent the majority of my day off sitting in the sun with and playing with him with a toy and a string. That really broke the ice. Then I bought him a cat bed, which I put near the food. It took a day for him to get used to lounging in it. The next evening, I came home form work and he was lounging in the bed waiting for me to get home.
He has been like that for the last few nights. Tonight, I got home and there he was. I fed him, we talked, we played for a bit, then the neighbor came down and took over for a while. I went back out later and he was purring in his cat bed. I slowly reached my hand out to him and this time, he let his guard down and let me pet him. He went from a super scared feral kitten to a super sweet kitten who purrs when he gets scratches behind his ears. It was the purest most amazing thing I've witnessed in a very long time. I think he will be ready by the end of the weekend to go to a new home.



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