Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Noticing a theme...

I think it is evident that I have always been an "animal person".

Maybe I should have been a veterinarian after all?


Deb H said...

Going through the old photos lately?

Anonymous said...

Nice all this "with animal" pics together! In your next life you can be or an animal or a veterinarian!


Melodie said...

I left a comment about the hedgehog....must've lost it! Are they hard to care for? I've thought about getting one. They are soooo cute!!
Love, Auntie


or better yet, a vegetarian! nyuck nyuck.

Michelle Auer said...

Haha! I promise, I will never eat anything I've ever had as a pet! ;-)
Actually, I rarely eat any kind of meat and never red meat, so I am practically a veggie, just don't want to call myself one because the second I do, I will suddenly think I NEED to eat meat. I think it is a "Want what you can't have" mentality that I tend to suffer from. If i don't think about it, I tend to not do it. But tell me NOT to... :-)


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