Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Noticing a theme...

I think it is evident that I have always been an "animal person".

Maybe I should have been a veterinarian after all?


Deb Hardman said...

Going through the old photos lately?

Anonymous said...

Nice all this "with animal" pics together! In your next life you can be or an animal or a veterinarian!


Melodie said...

I left a comment about the hedgehog....must've lost it! Are they hard to care for? I've thought about getting one. They are soooo cute!!
Love, Auntie


or better yet, a vegetarian! nyuck nyuck.

Michelle Auer said...

Haha! I promise, I will never eat anything I've ever had as a pet! ;-)
Actually, I rarely eat any kind of meat and never red meat, so I am practically a veggie, just don't want to call myself one because the second I do, I will suddenly think I NEED to eat meat. I think it is a "Want what you can't have" mentality that I tend to suffer from. If i don't think about it, I tend to not do it. But tell me NOT to... :-)


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