Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Know when to walk away.

I like Zach Braff. He is my "friend" on Myspace and I read his blog. So when he threw down the challenge to make a music video, I decided to go for it. What is the worst that could happen? I could look silly and maybe make a few people laugh? It is a win win situation! (Laughter = good)
The contest rules are that you had to *lip-sync to this song and somehow incorporate places specific to where you are. I tried to use every music video cliche' I could come up with, with such limited time and resources. (I had two days to get it done and I only had my little point and shoot to do it on. Darian was a HUGE help. She was the button pusher for the whole thing!) So, it ended up with loads of "Music video face" :-)
I used the Lakeview cemetery in a lot of this because it is close to my apartment and has many historical Seattle people buried there. It is also one of my personal favorite places to visit in the summer, it is quite pretty and peaceful. I was sticking to the rules, that is why it is how it is. If I was just making a video for this song I would have taken it another direction. It was, however, a very fun & funny challenge.

I searched around Youtube to see what other people did. So far this one is my favorite. (I'm a sucker for adorable tots playing air guitar.)

*When I uploaded the video to youtube, the compression knocked the sync a little out of whack. The original is better.


Amie said...

Jonathan and I watched this last night!

So cute, Michelle. It did make me laugh for sure, but honestly you look amazingly beautiful in every single scene. :)

Lei Lei said...

Yours, is my favorite. You sure grew up beautiful... love you

Michelle Auer said...

Awww... thanks guys! Loves to you both!

Deb Hardman said...

Daughter you are so beautiful! I didn't find it funny, I just kept thinking how gorgeous you are!

I Love You & miss you!


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