Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Farewell my little Milo....

Papa Gerbil (Milo) passed away last evening. He lived a VERY long life. (over a year longer than the average gerbil life exp) so I feel blessed that we had him for so long. I knew he was looking a little worse for wear. I told Jon last week that I think he is saying goodbye. I can always tell with the gerbils. They slow way down and suddenly really seem to enjoy being pet. Like they are stopping and letting you know that they appreciated you. Usually they are so busy digging and chewing that they didn't have time to be pet for too long. Last week he stood and let me scratch his head for a good long while and he was looking very elderly around the eyes.
It is sad because we are down to two, one girl and one boy, but they are in separate cages so they can't hang out. I am going to see about getting the boy fixed so we can put them together again. They would be happy together. Their cages are side by side and they are always touching noses. It is so sweet.

RIP Milo



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