Saturday, May 10, 2008

Catch my disease.... (Or, Why I LOVE Ben Lee)

A couple of weeks ago, Ben Folds came to town and played a show at a really weird venue in Tacoma called UPS. Ben was kind enough to put me on the guestlist plus one, so Bree and I made the trek.
Much to my excitement Ben Lee was opening the show!! I have been slowly falling in love with Ben Lee's music since I first saw him in New York where he played an ASCAP showcase with Jon. Since that show, I've been buying his songs one at a time on iTunes.
I was in LA the last time he played in Seattle, which really bummed me out. So, when Jon told me that Ben had put us on the list and Ben Lee was opening, I was REALLY excited for this show! (I could wax on about my love of Ben Folds music as well, but if you read my blog, you already know this, so I won't repeat myself. Needless to say, he ROCKED the UPS!)
This was, in fact, a most perfect rock show line up as far as I am concerned. The only thing that would have made it even more exciting for me is if Jon and Lou Barlow were on the Bill as well. But, I won't be greedy.
I recorded a couple songs from the show. I will post them at the end of this. They are pretty good, but the angle is kind of strange as the concert was in a giant gym.

The thing I love so much about Ben Lee's music is his completely positive message. Now, I don't know about all of his other records, right now I am only familiarizing myself with Awake is the New Sleep. And I have to say, this is a great, feel good, pop record. I'm not super excited about the first and title song on the CD, but then every song after it are easily some of my most favorite songs right now.
The lyrics for Begin are basically an anthem for someone wanting to make a positive impact on the world around them. Gamble Everything for Love makes you want to go out and take chances. Ache For You is a sweet, longing song, but it isn't depressing at all. But No Right Angles, I wish I had written it. This song was like a dear friend to me when I was going through a rough patch late last year.
What can I say? It is hard to be eloquent when trying to explain the emotions certain records bring up when the emotions run so deep. I can say that if you know someone who loves good pop music, and they have been going through a dark time, this would be a great record to pass along to them.
From beginning to end, it is one long, warm hug from a best friend that you never knew you had.

I'm walking down Broadway
Each foot step is a new love letter
I'm trying to make eye contact
With each and every stranger that I pass
Thinking about the city
It's living proof people need to be together
I'm thinking about how I just want to open up
And give and give and give
And it's ok for you to care
Cause I can feel you in the air
And while you wonder "how's this gonna end?"
I only want it to begin...


Deb Hardman said...

"Awake is the new sleep", reminds me of Kennith King's quote, "Small is the new big".It was something I wrote from his lecture on Haute Coutour.

The music was nice, I can see why you like it.

Happy Mother's Day Daughter. I still think you're the best mother I've ever known. I love you!
Thak you for the lovely flowers. I've got them in my studio where I'm spending most of the weekend!

Snotty McSnotterson said...

Happy belated Mother's Day! Here was my original message: EEEEEE! BEN LEE! EEEEEE!


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