Saturday, April 19, 2008

Meet my niece!

This is Carys:


Deb Hardman said...

Thanks Michelle. Good job, you made Grammy cry.

Melodie said...

That is awesome! She is such a cutie..........and I learned the correct pronunciation of her name!!

Lei Lei said...

Hey Cuz, what a doll for a niece you have!! Hey, what was the piece of glass with blood on it when you downloaded pics for Brandon? Did it have anything to do with the bandage on Carys' hand?

Michelle Auer said...

Mel- me too! haha!

And yes, she's cute! I don't know about the glass. There is a story there with the glass, but I will leave it up to Brandon to share. All is fine. But, I don't think I was actually supposed to upload that particular photo.


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