Sunday, February 17, 2008

February 14th, 2008 - One for my baby....

Valentine's Day was AMAZING! Jon surprised me with a hotel stay, an evening at The Triple Door to check out a Sinatra impersonator, and an extra special surprise gift.
The hotel was beautiful, the dinner at Jasmine was perfect, the Sinatra was spot on! Jon had arranged for us to get the best seats in the house. We were right in the center right up against the stage. It was a perfect evening. I actually got teary eyed at one point during the Sinatra set because he did such a spot on job that it hit me that I will never get the opportunity to see the real thing. I LOVE Frank.

I was a little nervous at first, because I was afraid that an impersonator would come across as making fun of him, but this guy did it in such a way that it was a classy tribute, it had it's silly moments, but for the most part I think Frank himself would have enjoyed it.
At dinner Jon presented me with the most exquisite diamond necklace. I LOVE it! I was shocked!
I gave Jon a set of webcams for our computers so that it is even easier for us to stay in touch while he is overseas. With all of the Posies 20th anniversary stuff coming up, it looks like he will be spending all of April in Europe. Now we will be able to see each other! Don't you just love modern technology? I remember when he and I could only talk once a week and have to rush because it was costing us so much money and that was when I was in Alaska and he was in Seattle!! Crazy, no?

I wish you all a very happy day today. I am floating on a cloud (as comfy as this bed)

PS- I am still taking a photo a day, just have been a little slack on getting them uploaded with how busy I have been. Getting caught up...



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