Monday, September 17, 2007

I Saw U: Conversation of the week

More great I saw U's this week!

Where did you go?

I used to see the semblance of you, your curve, your smile, your eyes... constantly. Now, it's fleeting. I'll see a a smile. Sometimes a glance that belongs to you, but given from someone else. It's never the whole person. Where are you? My search continues, and I grow weary.

When: Saturday, September 15, 2007

Where: always

I saw a: Woman

I am a: Man


Re: Where did you go?

I've seen you around. Your smirk, your glasses, your careless shrug. I even saw your jeans on someone else's ass today (they didn't look as good on him). I feel like I'm collecting pieces of you.
Maybe once I get all of them, you'll come back?

When: Sunday, September 16, 2007

Where: Everywhere

I saw a: Man

I am a: Woman


teresa said...

I love the 'I Saw You' section - and the chance meeting in Craigslist. I read them all...have you ever read one that made you cry?

Maybe that's just me, i get really sapping with those things. really sweet (although I've seen some SCARY one's too..)

Michelle Auer said...

Not made me cry, but I used to collect them when they were not online and they only printed them. I have a huge envelope with cut outs. I always collected the ones that could be about anyone. I saw them as tiny poems! :-) I always forget about the CL ones. Will have to check that out!


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