Sunday, September 23, 2007

Flaming Lips- Awesome -Fall City Farm

We have been moving full speed ahead since Thursday evening. We've had Jon in town on the weekend without any studio time booked for the first time in ages, so we took full advantage of it.
Starting with Thursday, the whole family went to Darian's open house, met all of her teachers and then we ran downtown for The Flaming Lips show!! It was pretty incredible. I made a little video, but have not had a chance to upload it yet. Jon knows them from being on a lot of the same festival circuits and what not over the years, so we got free passes and after show passes. Darian really enjoyed the experience and I think they have a new fan now!

Friday eve we went and met a group of old friends for dinner. It was nice being around the old Alaskan crew. One if them I had not seen since Darian was a little baby. We laughed a lot.

Then Saturday eve we went to The Seattle Children's Theatre to see a show put on by a band called "Awesome" with special guest narrator, Sean Nelson. Jon has been working with them and they have a record release next week (On Jon's birthday!) at Chop Suey. The show was kind of a musical/comedy that they put together. It was intelligent and hilarious. We all really enjoyed it a lot, especially the kiddo. I would tell you to check it out, but it was the closing night. I hope they do it again, because it was really cool!

Today (Sunday) we went out to Fall City Farms to pick our own veggies. It was really fun getting out of the city and getting a chance to really get our hands in the earth. We picked Carrots, broccoli, beets, potatoes, and even a little Kale for our Hamsters and gerbils! We also bought some fresh cider and tomatoes and corn. We ended up with four bags of the freshest veggies and our grand total was under $30!! It is only 20 minutes out of town as well. We will be going back for pumpkins! (They start letting you pick pumpkins next Saturday!) They also had several cute and cuddly animals that we got to feed and pet. I took a ton of photos, so I think I will let them tell the story:

Back to the city we go....


moz said...

Wow, what a great weekend! The Flaming Lips are awesome and so are fresh veggies!! BTW what is Jon "punching"??

Michelle Auer said...

That is a hanging Gourd. I saw it hanging there and thought it looked like a punching bag that boxers use. Haha!

Deb Hardman said...

Looks like a lotta FUN! I love Darian's haircut, it's CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Oooooooo so nice lot to read and see here! The Lips are so good, I know them by Ken and saw them first 2 years ago on a great fest. This summer I saw them again from the second row, they are soooooooo amazing,(with the led-lamps ;-)) The cats find them very attractive!
Jon with the veggies, something else than with guitars, fine to see!
Nathalie from Belgium


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