Sunday, April 15, 2007

A few of my favorite things...

The girls and I were having a day of beauty this weekend and we got to talking about our favorite products. The standards that we always use and would be broken hearted if they suddenly stopped selling them. I decided I would compile a list of mine on here. It took me years of trial and error and drawers full of hardly used drug store buys until I found these perfect products.

Here is my girly list of favorite things in no particular order (A lot of the Lush products are boy friendly as well!)

Bare Minerals Makeup. It took me years to find the perfect make-up. I've tried it all and none of it worked like I wanted it to. It either looked too fake or felt too thick or made me break out. Then one day I saw an infomercial and thought "Why not? I've tried everything else." and I bought it, used it, and have never looked back. It changed my skin for the better. I don't even need to visit my Dermatologist anymore! I've since turned several of my girlfriends on to this amazing stuff and they have all fallen in love with it like I did. This is the first product I've ever used where I wanted to write a letter to the company thanking them for inventing it.

Afterlife by Lush: It is amazing lotion for my face and neck. I use it every morning and every evening. I'm entering my mid 30's and don't have any crinkles yet. I guess it must be doing it's job!

Lay It On Thick by true blue spa- I use this on my hands and feet before bed. I combine it with moisture gloves & footies by Victoria's Secret. I wear a lot of impossibly high heels that tear up my feet and I work in an office where I use a lot of hand sanitizer to avoid the bugs that tend to get passed around offices that dry out my hands. This treatment for my hands and feet is a heavenly indulgence that keeps them soft and smooth!

BedHead After Party and Superstar are my two hair styling standards. I have a lot of hair and this combo gives it great volume as well as leaves it silky soft and smelling yummy!

My fragrance, body soaps, powder and lotions are all Karma by Lush.

Face cleanser is Coalface by Lush.

Around my eyes and lips I use Creme de la Mer. It is really expensive so I use it very sparingly.



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